C9 MozyPro Online Data Backup

C9 Operations offers online Data storage & backup services.  Our service, powered by EMC, is a simple and cost-effective way to effectively back up all your important data files. We help you install the client application on your machine(s) and set your backups to run as often as you like. The service has no limits and can backup an unlimited amount of data and machines for your company. The service starts at $5.00 USD for one machine with 2 GB's and it is only .50 more a month for each additional GB you need for backup space.




  • Standard License: $5
  • Standard storage per GB: $.75
  • Server License: $7
  • Server Storage per GB: $1.75


Our service is a business grade system that allows you to backup Exchange mail stores and other mission critical servers without business interruption. C9 Operations offers online data storage and backup features enhanced security and meets all HIPAA standards and requirements. Put a call in today to our sales staff and let us show you how easy it is!