C9 VoIP Business Phone Service

C9 Operations offers business class voip phone service.  Select from SIP or IAX trunks to connect to your systems.  We offer options for SLA and 24x7 support to ensure your uptime and quality of service.

Just give us a quick call and we will be more than happy to help you pricing out your company needs; our engineers will give you a clear idea for total cost and potential savings compared to your current situation.

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Business VoIP Pricing
DID numbers: $3.49
Toll-Free numbers: $4.99
Fax numbers: $3.49 & 5 cents per minute
C9 VoIP Outbound: 3 cents per minute
C9 SIP Trunks:


Price /DS0

Price /DID

2 - 5 Channels (lines)



6 - 14 Channels



15 - 22 Channels



23 - 100 Channels



100+ Channels

contact sales

contact sales

Add-on Features
Enhanced 911 Service: $1.59 Monthly charge per DID
Directory Assistance: 99 cents per use
Caller ID with Name (CNAME)
Directory Listing: $10 one-time setup; $1.95 Monthly charge
LiDB caller ID lookup: $15 database entry submission fee

Local DID: $19.95
Toll-Free: $12.00
Fax DID: $22.95

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