Hosted Services

Hosted VoIP PBX Systems - Hosted Phone Systems inside our Telecom Datacenters.  Low latency, high quality connections to your business offices around the globe.

Shared Webhosting - the easiest entry package to get your website started; for the business owner that needs to run a business and not manage a webserver.

Virtual Private Server - with a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you get full control over your own server slice.  We can upgrade your RAM and Disksize on the fly when you need.  When you can run a server yourself a VPS is definitely the way to go.

Dedicated Server hosting - Once you need a full dedicated server to yourself the entire internet is at your fingers.  You can build out your own Virtualization infrastructure for the next big cloud service application.

Rackspace hosting inside our datacenters - Rackspace inside shared racks.

Full Rack hosting inside our datacenters - Dedicated Rackspace for your business only.