Managed Services

C9 Operations provides proactive management for your IT services.  Enjoy low predictable costs with a guaranteed SLA customized to your requirements.  Clients have access to our 24x7 Servicedesk and escalation support with your SPoC (Single Point of Contact).

C9 offers managed services by way of either Secure Remote Access or Staff Augmentation. Our goal is not to replace your staff but instead to complement your team by adding new skill-sets, experience and specializations. Let our experts manage your IT needs remotely or or on-site at your office location.

Key Benefits:Managed Services

  • Low predictable cost
  • Customizable SLA
  • 24x7 Support
  • Remote or On-Site Staff Augmentation
  • Network Management
  • Systems & Applications Management
  • Desktop Management

  • C9 Operations offers Managed Services for:


    Voice & Unified Communications
    C9 Managed Voice - System - (local or hosted) - Hardware Monitoring, Package and patch upgrades, PBX module updates, Security patches, provide local QoS policy, perform scheduled local and remote backups. Service can optionally include major system revision updates (which typically occur once every two years).  We take a proactive approach to management of your voice systems by looking for potential troubles like QoS performance or Security threats and address them before they come to the forefront as an emergency problem.

    C9 Managed Voice - Service - In many situations, much time is wasted gathering the necessary information to accurately address troubles when they occur. Having our proactive support service in place reduces overall troubles experienced and greatly reduces time needed to identify necessary information for rapid repair. We work voice service related issues as if we are an employee experiencing the trouble, from ticket creation and entry into C9 Servicedesk and interacting with IT staff to isolate and resolve local network troubles affecting your voice service, to identifying and resolving hardware related voice issues and providing enhanced support reducing time to resolution for WAN and carrier related troubles.

    Windows and *nix Servers
    C9 Managed Services offers proactive administration of LDAP / Active Directory Management, Domain Controller administration, Windows Network or Samba Network, connection to NAS/SAN or file server, print ability to local and network printers.  Optionally, C9 also provides labor hour blocks for administration duties and MAC requests, hour block choices come in 4, 8, 12, or 24 hour increments.

    Website & Application Servers
    C9 Operations offers management for your Website and Application servers.  Our services provide management of: patches and updates, environment and hardware tuning, connectivity and availability uptime.  C9 also provides labor hour blocks for administration duties and MAC requests.  Hour block choices come in 4, 8, 12, or 24 hour increments.

    Wireless Networks
    For your wireless networks, C9 offers an SLA for Security and Availability as well as Access Control and conventional Administration. We support QoS assurance for proper functionality with rich media like voice and video. C9 offers 24x7 support options, escalation services, and on-site dispatch options.

    VMWare Environment Management
    C9 Managed service provides: server patches and updates, tune environment, data backup administration, hardware management and monitoring, provide labor hour blocks for admin duties and MAC requests, hour block choices come in 4, 8, 12, or 24 hour increments.

    SAN / NAS Data Storage Environments
    C9 Operations provides managed services SAN / NAS Data Storage environments.  Our services offers your company high-availability, connectivity, performance tuning, hardware monitoring, remote data backup, and support for disaster recovery scenarios for your mission-critical data storage environments.

    Email Systems
    Email Exchange environment (or linux equivalent) management, server cluster management, mailbox management, backup management, spam filter administration, and provide labor hour blocks for administration duties and MAC requests, hour block choices come in 4, 8, 12, or 24 hour increments.

    Network Security
    C9 Managed Services - Our security services consist of access list administration, NAT / PAT administration, Content Filter administration as well as other security related network services.

    Network Administration
    C9 Managed Network - Router & Switch, DNS, DHCP, VLAN Administration, Wifi and Ethernet LAN Management, bandwidth usage monitoring, ticket creation and entry into C9 Servicedesk per incident. choice of business hours or 24x7 support, choice of 4 hour or 24 hour dispatch escalations (in the event a technician is needed on-site you will not be billed at an hourly rate).

    VPN Management
    C9 Operations provides management for your complete VPN environment; we offer labor hour blocks for VPN administration duties and MAC requests.  For your convenience we offer labor hour block choices in 4, 8, 12, or 24 hour increments.


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