Web Maintenance

Website Maintenance Information

What are the features?
Web Maintenance entitles website owners to unlimited content changes. We will change the content as often as weekly for you with normal maintenance coverage. If your site needs updating more frequently than a weekly basis, consult your SPoC (single point of contact) about having a module designed to allow you to input new content as often as you want.

Content changes consist of text/copy changes and edits. We ask that you submit the new copy and edits EXACTLY as you would like them to be presented; this is done by submitting your .doc, .txt, .pdf file or similar format. Content changes can include pictures, text, audio, and video as it applies to your site.

New pages and any other structural change requests that require development coding are not covered in the maintenance plans. See your SPoC for new pages and structural changes.

How does it work?
Login at http://c9operations.com/servicedesk to submit all your change requests. Your login id and password will be given to you by your SPoC when your maintenance coverage is initiated. When you create a new service request you make sure you mention the name of your web domain and attach all documents with changes. Please name your documents with appropriate names corresponding to the pages that you will be changes.

Changes will be applied within 5 business days and normally within 48 hours. If a rush request is needed for immediate change, a rush fee of $75.00 USD will be applied to the following billing cycle.

What are the costs?
Contact our sales engineers to have a quote constructed just for your site.

How is it billed?
Maintenance is billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly, based on your current billing preferences.

How do I get it started?
Contact your SPoC to get your details in order, initiate your coverage, and receive your login information to begin submitting your change requests.

What if I still have questions?
Contact your SPoC for answers to all your questions and concerns.